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The Compost Cooperative

Residential Curbside Compost Pickups (Prepaid for 3 Months)

Residential Curbside Compost Pickups (Prepaid for 3 Months)

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WEEKLY & BIWEEKLY SERVICE: 01301, 01376, 01351


We are no longer able to offer refunds for purchases under $50 from outside our service area. Orders over $51 will be refunded minus a 15% service charge.


Let us pick up your compost!

To celebrate our 5th birthday, sign up for 3 months and save 5 percent every month! 

We offer weekly and every-other-week curbside service for apartments and houses in Greenfield, MA, and surrounding towns. We even provide you with a 5-gallon bucket and compostable liners. We want to make it easy for you to do your part to keep food scraps out of landfills and incinerators, where they create methane and contribute to climate change.

Please note: the co-op provides one bucket free of charge to new customers. After that, you may purchase additional buckets through our website, or use your own food-grade 5-gallon bucket and resealable lid. 

Customers pre-pay in advance. Our rates are:

  • $48 for every-other-week service, 3 months
  • $82 for weekly service, 3 months 

Prepay for a year and save even more: yearly subscription options

How does it work?

When you sign up for our service, we will drop off at your address a 5-gallon bucket and compostable liners one or two weeks before the service starts, depending on whether you order weekly or every-other-week pickups.

By 7 a.m. on the morning of your pickup, you’ll set out on the curb your 5-gallon bucket filled with compostables—including bones, meat, paper towels, tea bags, and up to 5 pizza boxes, which you may place under or next to your bucket. We’ll swing by, dump and return your empty bucket to the curb. Only one 5-gallon bucket per pickup. Click here to see what you can put in your bucket. No plastic please!

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Please Read Our Terms of Service

Residential Terms of Service, The Compost Co-operative, Inc.

  1. The Compost Co-operative will provide each residential customer with a 5-gallon bucket and will tip that bucket either once per week or every other week, depending on the service ordered. 
  2. If the customer's account is in good standing, Compost Co-op will provide one roll of 25 compostable 8-gallon bags every 6 months. 
  3. Compost Co-op picks up on most public holidays, with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. On days when municipal trash pickups are delayed, unless customers hear from us, we will show up on our regular schedule. 
  4. Customers must place their bucket on the curb by 7 a.m. on the date of pickup. In the event of severe weather, service may be delayed until road conditions improve. We request that you wait to reach out about a missed pickup until the end of the business day on which the pickup is scheduled. 
  5. Customers may only put compostable materials in their bucket. A list of compostable materials is available here. Compost Co-op reserves the right to terminate its agreement with a customer if they continue to place non-compostable materials in the bucket following an email request. 
  6. Customers agree to secure the bucket lids whenever the bucket is outside. If a bucket or lid is lost or broken (excluding normal wear and tear) there will be a $25 replacement fee. Customers may also provide their own 5-gallon, food-grade container with lid. 
  7. The amount of food scraps must be wholly contained in the 5-gallon bucket, with the lid securely in place. Egg cartons and up to 5 pizza boxes may be placed under or next to the bucket. Customers may contact Compost Co-op if they would like additional buckets, and will be charged an additional fee. Compost Co-op will encourage every-other-week customers to increase their service to weekly if their volume is more than 5 gallons every other week. 
  8. All official communications between The Compost Co-operative and its customers will be conducted via email. Any arrangements by phone that contradict these Terms of Service will not be valid unless recorded by The Compost Co-operative and the customer in a subsequent email.
  9. If the safety of our workers is compromised, Compost Co-op reserves the right to cancel any subscription at any time, and will provide any applicable refunds. 
  10. Customers will be automatically billed via Shopify monthly on the date corresponding to their initial signup. Payments are for the forthcoming month of service. At any time, customers may opt not to renew, and will continue to receive service through the remainder of their prepaid monthly cycle. The 5-gallon bucket and lid remain the property of Compost Co-op and must be returned. 
  11. Compost Co-op encourages customers to reach out with any questions: (413) 376-8076

updated December 2023