About The Compost Co-op

The Compost Co-operative is a worker-owned business.
Our customers are valued investors in the community.
We are committed to building with others a local economic infrastructure that is socially just, economically sustainable, and environmentally sound.

Our Mission

Driven by racial and environmental justice, the Compost Co-operative hauls food scraps for residential, commercial, and institutional customers in and around Greenfield, MA. As topsoil erodes along with living-wage jobs, we build ownership and opportunity among people coming out of jail and others who face barriers to employment -- and are committed to providing affordable housing for our formerly incarcerated members. We believe that diverting organics from the waste stream and back into the soil through the process of composting is an effective local response to inequality and the climate crisis.


We have received generous support, in the form of partnerships and grants, from the following: Just Roots, Martin’s Farm Compost, The Markham-Nathan Fund for Social Justice, The Claneil Foundation, Common Good, The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts, Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution, Western Mass SURJ, Arise for Social Justice, Cooperative Development Institute, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Cooperative Fund of the Northeast, the Honeybee Fund of the Common Counsel Foundation, and many individual supporters from around the world!

Newsletter Archive

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Media Coverage

Check out articles about our cooperatively owned business in Grassroots Economic Organizing, the Valley Advocate and the Greenfield Recorder. Listen to an interview Monte Belmonte conducted with two of our worker owners here. And below is a short video that aired on WGBY’s Connecting Point.