• Food scraps collection for homes, businesses, and towns

    The Compost Cooperative diverts organic material from the waste stream into local composting operations that feed the soil.

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  • Workforce development 

    With the Compost Co-op, workers who face barriers to inclusion receive living wages and training to become business owners.

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  • A sustainable and just economy

    With community partners, grantors, and individual supporters, we build local economic democracy as we address climate change.

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Flexible service to meet your needs

Our waste management solutions are local,environmentally responsible, and hassle-free.

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Economic democracy & climate resilience

As a business owned by its workers, we want our communities to thrive. We collaborate with farms, customers, and community partners to build a vibrant economy that attends to the needs of all people and the planet.

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  • Linda

    "Compost Cooperative is reasonably priced, and gives reliable friendly service. Between composting and recycling I fill up one kitchen size trash bag a month. Thats it! It feels so good to compost my food scraps. It feels even better knowing that I'm supporting a worker-owned business whose mission is to battle inequity and climate change".

  • Kate

    "Awesome service! Better than home compost-- not only do I avoid the rodents, raccoons, and bears my home compost has always drawn in the past, but i can throw in everything you can't in a home pile, like meat and dairy and those compostable utensils. Compost Cooperative has a great system, easy and affordable, and they are super professional as well as just plain nice--even going and grabbing my bucket from the porch when I forgot to put it out once. I love supporting this local business, and keeping so much waste out of the garbage stream.”

  • Anna

    “I love being a member of the Compost Cooperative. Not only do my food scraps get added to a larger, monitored compost production, but I am also helping my neighborhood limit our rodent population! And, the home pick-up service makes it so easy for me to be diligent about composting! Definitely worth every penny! Thank you Compost Cooperative!”


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